Hotspur, the Ghost of Locksley Hall
hotspur“Hotspur” is probably the most balanced White (yellow) Labrador Retriever stud you will find.  Hotspur has incredible bone and muscle structure, a beautiful white coat, a black nose, blocky head and all the right senses.

His temperament is unmatched.  He is good around children and other dogs.  Hotspur loves to hunt, he is working on his titles as we are writing this.   Hotspur has it all.  He is strong and healthy and is everything a Labrador should be.  He is EIC & CNM clear, OFA Hips Good and Elbows Normal, and CERF normal.

He has excellent swimming and retrieving skills.  Most of all, he has a very happy disposition.  He loves to play and is very obedient.  Hotspur’s grandfather was the famed Schlappi’s Flushing Bronco.  Bronco was a titled junior hunter.  Hotspur is well on his way to claiming his own titles.



Rocky River’s Biligana the Kid (Billy)

Billy is our up and coming English stud.  He is absolutely stunning!